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São Paulo – The agency YDreams Global signed an agreement with a Dubai-based group and is searching for solutions in the Middle East. It offers technology and design solutions and has offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Vancouver, Canada. The central office is currently in Canada but the agency is headed by two Brazilians, Daniel Japiassú and Karina Israel.

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Japiassú and Gurg: a partnership in the Middle East

The company to which YDreams signed an agreement is the Seed Group, which works is many areas and form partnerships with companies that are planning to establish themselves in the Gulf. The first contact took place after YDreams attended an event in Dubai early this year. After many talks, two months ago Seed Group became the YDreams representative in the region.

The information was confirmed by YDream Global’s CEO, Daniel Japiassú, who signed the agreement in May with Seed Group’s CEO, Hisham Al Gurg. According to information made available by YDreams, Seed Group is one of Dubai’s most influential business group and is headed by Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum. He’s also CEO of the Emirates Group.

From Dubai, YDreams plans to reach the whole Middle East. According to Japiassú, the company is interested in the large events that will take place in the region, namely Expo 2020 and the 2022 FIFA World Cup, to be held in Qatar.

Also of interest to YDreams is the pioneering efforts of Dubai on “Smart Cities”, which is the use of technology in urban infrastructure, and the “Storytelling” projects, spaces in which storytelling takes place using high-technology resources. For instance, the Museum of the Future, which is in construction in Dubai, fits the latter category, and there are other initiatives in the fashion and auto industries.

Without revealing much detail, Japiassú told ANBA that they are already negotiating proposals in the Middle East. For now, the CEO will spend one week per month in Dubai, but the company is planning to have a staff team in the region this year still.

Press Release

Japiassú: one week per month in Dubai

YDreams offers many types of service, from consulting services on business technology to the reinvention of a product using technology. Its projects consider the use of technology with the end client or as an internal tool for the company, or also provides works encouraging creativity in the company with, for instance, the formation of think tank groups.

YDreams has experience in working with large events and among its clients are Brazil’s most famous brands. YDreams created the futuristic bank agency to Bradesco and developed interactive activities for the audience at AquaRio, the aquarium of Rio de Janeiro. The company created a virtual aquarium in the place.

During the FIFA World Cup 2014, in Rio de Janeiro, the company developed a virtual replica, for Coca-Cola, in which the audience would enter Maracanã’s locker room and later was transported to the field for a match. “We develop technologies for the creation of immersion experiences in the real world,” defines Japiassú.

The multidisciplinary staff team has near 50 people in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Vancouver and includes from computing and electronic engineers to architects and interior designers, among other experts linked to technology and creativity.

The company was an arm of YDreams Portugal. Japiassú and Karina opened the agency branch in Brasil 10 years ago and in 2010 started to take control of international operations. The Portuguese office is no longer in operation but the partners still hold an equity share of the company. With the intention of expanding internationally, YDreams’ central office is in Canada, with its papers listed in the country at TSX Venture. Karina is the CGO of YDreams Global.

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*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani